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10-minute city: How Brussels plans to become a pedestrian-friendly green hub

The Belgian capital has released a roadmap of how it plans to become a ‘city in 10 minutes’.

Brussels has long had a reputation as a traffic-choked city of high rises and concrete. But in recent years the Belgian capital has laid ambitious plans for an eco-friendly makeover.

In 2022, it came 6th place in a global ranking of the cities going green the fastest.

Now, the Belgian capital has released a roadmap of how it plans to become a ‘city in 10 minutes’ - making the facilities essential to urban life accessible to every inhabitant in less than 10 minutes.

There are seven major stages to the plan to be completed either by 2030 or 2050.

How Brussels is preparing for climate change

The first of the seven ambitious is dedicated to climate and the environment.

Authorities aim to adapt the city to the impending effects of climate change.

These include the increase in energy costs, the increase in periods of drought, the development of a heat island phenomenon and the risks related to intense rainfall and flooding.

How Brussels is adapting to climate change

To mitigate the effects of climate change, the city is looking at how the urban fabric needs to adapt.

Authorities say they will plan for “greater agility and adaptability to rapidly changing urban contexts” including ways of preserving built heritage, conversions of existing structures and construction techniques appropriate for future developments.

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