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North America’s first zero-carbon office tower opens in Vancouver

The Stack, Vancouver's tallest commercial building, is setting new standards for environmental and workplace excellence in Canada.

Not only is The Stack setting new benchmarks as Vancouver’s tallest commercial building, but the property is also raising the bar on the environmental side as well. The building, which officially opened its doors this week, represents a landmark in the commercial real estate industry’s journey to decarbonization as it is the first office tower to attain the Canada Green Building Council’s Zero Carbon Building – Design standard certification and the first high-rise commercial tower in North America built to zero carbon standards. The Stack is co-owned by Oxford Properties Group and CPP Investments.

Designed by Vancouver-based architect James K.M. Cheng, the 37-storey, AAA-class 550,000 sq. ft. office tower is situated in a premium location in the city’s downtown, enhancing the city’s skyline with its unique twisting, stacked box design.

By achieving zero carbon status, The Stack also plays an important part in the progress of the City of Vancouver and Province of British Columbia’s 2030 zero-carbon goals. The Stack was able to achieve this status through its implementation of innovative features that minimize both carbon emissions and energy intensity, including low carbon building systems and a high-performance triple-pane glazing system.

The Stack also deploys smart building technology to provide insights on energy management to optimize building performance and enable preventative maintenance. On-site renewable energy is achieved through a rooftop photovoltaic solar panel array that will generate 26,000 kWh of energy annually.

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