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ESG Master Class for Lawyers

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ESG Master Class for Lawyers : Navigating Sustainability in Real Estate Transactions 💲 Get all 4 ESG courses together: S101, S102, S103, L104. Our best value. 📚 Beginner level. No prior experience or licenses needed. 📝 Self-paced online course. Save as you go and complete the steps on your own time. 🏅 ESG Lawyer Real Estate Expert Certification given upon completion of all 4 courses. What you'll learn: ✔️Enhanced Due Diligence Expertise: Develop advanced skills in performing thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) assessments, empowering you to navigate complex real estate transactions with a heightened understanding of risks and regulatory compliance.   ✔️Risk Mitigation Strategies: Acquire actionable insights into sustainable real estate practices, enabling you to identify and mitigate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks effectively. Strengthen your ability to anticipate legal challenges in the evolving landscape of sustainable real estate.   ✔️Strategic Legal Advisement: Elevate your role as a legal professional by gaining a strategic understanding of how ESG considerations impact real estate decisions. Position yourself as a trusted advisor, equipped to guide clients through sustainable and socially responsible real estate investments and transactions.

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Skills you'll gain
Financial Analysis and Valuation
Regulatory Compliance
Legal Risk Analysis
Building Certification Knowledge
Environmental Impact Assessment
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