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H103 - Future Opportunities

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✔️Proptech Unveiled: Navigating the Landscape of proptech for the Hospitality industry: Delve into the world of proptech and understand its transformative impact on the hospitality industry. Explore the latest technologies shaping the industry, gaining insights into the future of hotel innovation. ✔️Frameworks and Evaluation: Analyzing ESG Approaches in Hospitality: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of different ESG frameworks, understanding their implications and applications within the hospitality sector. Learn to navigate and implement frameworks that align with sustainability goals. ✔️Management and Impact: Hotel Managers and Social Investing: Examine the pivotal role of external hotel managers in driving ESG initiatives. Evaluate the social impact of hotel investments and explore the principles of impact investing.

Course Overview





Skills you'll gain
Financial Analysis and Valuation
Regulatory Compliance
Legal Risk Analysis
Building Certification Knowledge
Environmental Impact Assessment
Details to know
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