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H103 - Future Opportunities

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✅ S103 Future Opportunities, Capstone Course. 📚 Beginner level. No prior experience or licenses needed. 📝 Self-paced online course. Save as you go and complete the steps on your own time. 🏅 ESG Auditor Certification given upon completion of all 3 courses. Syllabus: Evaluate the importance of proptech solutions and how proptech has evolved into proptech, fintech, contech, smarttech, etc. Analyse different ESG frameworks, explain important regulatory movements in the US, and how the financial markets are all moving in unison to drive ESG in real estate. We incorporate how real estate is not a standalone physical asset but more importantly with ESG it is an asset class that touches all stakeholders – owners, banks, developers, insurance agents, institutional investors, construction industry, tenants, and real estate services. We evaluate the future of how developers, owners and tenants will work together to drive change, how the external property manager plays a crucial role in the future. We also spend time on evaluation social impact and the role/importance of social awareness and equality.

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Skills you'll gain
Financial Analysis and Valuation
Regulatory Compliance
Legal Risk Analysis
Building Certification Knowledge
Environmental Impact Assessment
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